Be Porky

So I was ordering chinese food and asked the person with me if they wanted something. They said, with great indifference,

I guess I’ll take some spare rib tips.

The woman on the phone then asked me what size. So the person was purchasing based on price. When they realized how much it was for just a small w/o rice, they decided to get the combo (comes with rice and eggroll).  I repeated the details of the combo and order, specifically mentioning pork fried rice.

LOL, Whew!

(I’m sorry, I’m just laughing at the remembrance of this foolishness).

The person I was ordering for/with abruptly says:

I don’t eat pork fried rice!

So with strong neck action, I whipped around to them with the look of much stupefaction. Related image They proceed to tell me they want french fries, but forget it.

LOL, Whew!

 Yo, they really buggin’

Now this person had previously gone a length of time not eating certain foods, attempting to make a difference in their diet for health reasons. When they would have chinese, it would be something like a chicken and broccoli with brown rice.

Okay so time has passed and their now desiring to have one of their old favs. I mean…, REALLY? What did I do wrong. If you’re eating the meat by itself, what difference does it make that some of those pieces are cut up in your rice too. The person has eaten chicken fried rice and said that’s better than the pork. (I know…, Issues)


Like Really. What am I not getting?

If this was your cheat day, then go ‘head and Be Porky!

Eat the pig. Enjoy the pig. You’re already there. Nobody forced you to get anything. You didn’t have to order A-NY-THANG! Next time…, DON’T.

Have you been around people that think eating one salad fixes the pounds of fatty food they’ve had before or after that?

Oh, best yet. Do you know someone who says that they don’t eat pork…

…but they eat ham? lolol

It’s funny, because I was talking to my brother one day and said that I don’t eat mushrooms. Part of my argument was not being in support of the whole fungus issue. He laughed and purposely made eye contact when he said:

But you eat cheese, right.

Related image


Image result for duh    RIGHT!


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