Season may be black but…Beautiful

This can’t be love. This can’t be what I’ve looked forward to from whence I was a child.

And I am telling you I’m not going
You’re the best man I’ll ever know
There’s no way I can ever go
No, no, no, no way
No, no, no, no way
I’m living without you
I’m not living without you
I don’t want to be free
I’m staying, I’m staying
And you, and you, you’re gonna love me
Oh, you’re gonna love me

I can’t make you love me. I WON’T!

Do you think I will belt out such pitiful words? Hmph! Do you think I don’t know who I am? Hmph! Do you think my vision for my life is so darkened, so black, so void of promise that I would cry after you!


I won’t make you love me. I won’t. Do you think I will utter such words of hopelessness and despair.  Have I given you the impression of my being destitute of destiny?! 

PLEASE, Don’t try to answer me! Don’t embarrass yourself any further. Don’t disgust me anymore. My life is not in your hands. You are not my provider. You are not my beginning and end.  But if Judas can be called friend by The Lord Jesus at the very moment He was being betrayed, then hear me good:

Thank you for being a friend. The kind of friend that causes me to recall the scriptures:

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. 

Whoever winks the eye (with malicious intent) causes sorrow or heartache.

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. (Yes The Lord God Is…)

Thank you for betraying me with your kisses, because it’s caused me to see that your heart is far from me.  Judas may have been called a friend because he was a hand played in the fulfillment of prophecy– i.e., they couldn’t get J*s*s to the cross any other way. They plotted and schemed his demise (throwing Him off a cliff; stoning; etc) but it was to no avail. It was foretold and He was prepared. The blackness of his motives and the soilage of your actions will not destroy. LOL. Oh no!

I am again reminded:

We are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; Cast down, but not destroyed

Image result for fb cover photo

I wish I was as prepared as He. Nevertheless, you will not taint the glory in this.  Some people gripe about the rain. But it hydrates and brings life to the earth. There are those who near curse the snow. Yet it purifies the air and keeps pesky insects at bay. You have those who despise the sun on it’s hottest day. But spend about three months longing for it alone. This season of my life will not be cursed or despised.

There are those who shun the color red because they say it’s of a harlot. There are those who dislike the color white because it reveals dirt quickly. Then you have some who discount black because it’s associated with death. Red is a warming color and in this season I’ll think on it in remembrance of the blood of Jesus that was shed for me.

What have you sacrificed for me?

White reminds me of purity; the purity of God’s love for me, WITH me. Untainted as is yours.

And Black.  Heh-Heh! No, you will not cause me to see death. I will not hate you. For black is beautiful. It is when it is darkest that I see the starsImage result for starry night It is in dark nights I sit and enjoy the cool winds. It was at night that Paul and Silas prayed while being shackled and sang praises unto the Lord, til they were loosed and those bound all around them too.  Causing salvation to come to the one who didn’t know he needed it.

So do I pray for your soul. 

Yes, the evening and the morning were the first day. Your wrong put me in a dark place but the morning comes and so does my peace. YES! My PEACE is come!

So…, okay…,

You’re gonna love me.

You’ll love me – when you come to love yourself. 

You’ll love me – when you think of someone else.

You’ll love me – when life’s not just about you.

You’ll love me – when you tire of the evil things you do.

I won’t make you. I won’t stay. I’m going somewhere. I know my place.

It’s amongst Kings and Queens. It’s a place on higher ground. A place of forgiveness. That’s the place I’ll be found. Image result for kings and queens

Not asking you to look for me. Please, PLEASE don’t think that I am. 

I’m a child of the Most High God. Tears dried, heart lifted and ready to live.

Cause…, I Can.

I hope you have not enjoyed only but have put some things in perspective.

Many allow themselves to be lost in relationships.

Many put their jobs or other things in the place God Himself belongs.

Sometimes hardness of life comes to shake us back into right alignment. No, God doesn’t do evil but can allow it to come because He is not intimidated by it. He knows His plan and His ability and His power over it. Those that have Him, they too can have power over the Evil One and the evil things that come. Don’t curse the seasons of your life but bless God. And In Everything Give Thanks. You wanna know God’s Will. Give Thanks. It will change your perspective. Sin will still be sin. Let God be God.

Daily Prompt: BLACK.

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4 thoughts on “Season may be black but…Beautiful

  1. I really love your post. It is true that many of us focus our attention and even more than that on man; on the things of the world, instead of God Himself. I am guilty of that though, but I hope that’ll be a story some day. Oh, before I forget… Thank you for enlisting my blog in your “honorable mentions” 😂…. I really appreciate it. Thanks again!

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