This is one I like, not that I didn’t like others, but I like DANCING.

D for Dirty Dancing (one of my top 5 fav movies)

We miss you Patrick Swayze.

A for Argentinian Tango

originating at end of 19th cent

N for Nightclub Two Step [check it out here-]

C for

I for Irish Dance

A group of traditional dance forms

N for Nutbush (categorized as a Line Dance, performed to (below), popular in Australia

G for Gangnam Style 

Guys you have to see these twin babies do this dance: Asian twins dance

Here are a couple of other videos you will enjoy


Please disregard that the above says “funny” dancing as tho it is out of the ordinary/odd/etc. Some people are ignorant.


Did you enjoy this? LMK please cause I enjoyed doing this. I was dancing in my chair.

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