Wild Side

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Roller Coasters, Bungee Jumping, Parachuting…, YEAH!!! These are some things that interest me. I don’t even know when it happened; but happened…, it did. It’s been since I was a little girl. Somehow, I just have this adrenaline junkie in me. It’s crazy how people see my and other’s stance in Christianity and think that we Christians do nothing more than robotically live from day-to-day; only finding excitement in the preacher’s squawk. Au Contraire!

The pics you see are of caves in the jungles of Belize. RISKY. This was one of the most memorable things I’ve done so far. My husband and I took on this excursion while on a cruise. We hiked through a jungle full of tarantulas and jaguars and snakes. RISKY. We walked narrow cliffs where we could not use the poisonous trees to hold on to. RISKY. One cave along the journey was full of bats. RISKY. Some idiot decides to use his flash camera to take pics. Idiot. You can guess how crazy that was. Lol. Then we descended into the waters for Cave Tubing, where water moccasins slithered by and around. My husband accidentally smacked one while hand paddling. RISKY. Did I mention that doing this was all my idea and not at all his. I’m the introvert of the two but present an adventure and I’m bright/wide eyes, ear-to-ear grins and giddy.


Let’s talk more of the waters. They can go from 2 feet to 22+ ft deep in 2 paces/steps. Before the hike, we were reminded of the 7 hour intense journey through the jungle and caves while under the intensity of the sun’s rays. We were also given miner’s lights w/ a helmet and an inflatable doughnut with life vest, as seen above. So I have to share another idiot’s move. One guy, already drunk, decides not to take a vest. RISKY. The tour guide told us “from jump”, that we are to stay on the path both on land and in water. The depth of water changes drastically, quickly. If we stray, they will not come to look for us nor jeopardize the safety of the rest of the group. So we came to an area where we were warned to stay to the left because the strength of the water in the middle will take you through an opening off to the right into an area that’s not on the tour. The guide in front and back says the same thing.

8ebc8a219c9cb2d285991cb148886eb8--dory-from-finding-nemo-keep-swimming.jpg Well, while the group is now standing, because our feet and hands are scraping the ground, one guy is intrigued with the cave and strays right. Did I mention he’s drunk. Did I mention he’s not a strong swimmer. Yeah. So the current takes him and now he’s holding on to the rock for dear life. We’re like, “Just stand up.” images Lol, uh-uh. He can’t. He’s not in shallow water. So we look to the tour guide to go get him. Lol. Like I said images Uh-Uh. Or in other words, Honey-child Please. So the guy’s friend jumps in and rescues him. The tour guide says, “Ok, moving on.” LOL. RISKY.

If you noticed the word “RISKY” highlighted throughout…, click on them. They will connect you to good reads and great photos of others. Thanks for stopping by. 

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