RISKY: daily post


Double Dare 100.0

January, 2000-Neverary


You may remember playing games of Dare with friends as a kid. Well imaginations have gone wild. In other words, suicidal behavior is promoted and stupidity is glorified. I love doing fun things [Wild Side]. My husband, family and friends think I’m crazy for wanting to do things like skydiving and such like. But I know that pales in comparison to this foolishness.

Dumb DUmb DUMB!!!

So while typing, the tv is on to “World’s Dumbest Partiers.” I’ve seen drunk frat girls get knocked over by the mirror of a car she jumped on to grind. A guy, tricked by his friend, drinks too much at a pool bar and vomits in the pool they and others are in. Some muscle guy throws his head into a tin full of other people’s urine. It just goes on and on. Not all risk is good risk. That sounds like a financial piece. Hmm. Stay tuned.


Some things are just the reception of lies. Fun doesn’t have to involve proving to people how dumb you are.

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