Vanity, Vanity…Fraud

…All is Vanity.

This is my Daily Prompt Fraud entry.  Before I share, I encourage you to take a look at others. I will post links below.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why we get so engrossed with lies and deceit and trickery and witchery and… Well…, I guess there’s the entertainment and thrill, laughter and tears, education and stupidity of it all. I’ve taken back moments of my life only to Pour Them Back Into This BLACK HOLE!

I’ve grown up with it; known it all my life. Yet, I cannot call it friend. If I call, it will not come. Yet I go to it, without it parting its lips. Am I a SUCKER?! I’m nobody’s fool.

Why are we so attracted to that which edifies not? Adds not. Loves not.  With all that has been given to it, you would think we grow tired of not receiving in this relationship. But not only do we give our money…,


Many, both voluntary and involuntarily have given their DEATHS to it.

To What? you ask.  What’s It? you ask.

Hollywood. Television. Movies. The Tube (youtube included).

It has so much of a pull that it has now fraudulently created Reality Shows that are anything butt. Things are staged for the viewer. Clip this part with that  part and…, Voila! Now we can get the desired reaction and the most likely outcome of the viewers return. Producers instigate for this same purpose – Ratings.

It’s not just that, but let’s talk names of celebrities:

Demi Moore

Demetria Guynes

Bruce Willis

Walter Bruce Willis

Jamie Foxx

Eric Marlon Bishop

Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernandez

Tina Fey

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey

Larry King

Lawrence Harvey Zeigler

Whoopi Goldberg

Stevie Wonder

Steveland Judkins

Ben Affleck

Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt

That’s just a few of the many. So we have these people who many get starstrucked when seeing, only to realize that they look much different in person. They’re taller or shorter than imagined. Thinner or Fatter. Darker or Lighter or barely without color (pale). Nicer or Meaner. Uglier or Prettier/More Handsome.  Various industries have contributed to this masquerade with make-up and wigs and imagery and false teeth and body doubles and fake body parts. It just doesn’t end. They advertise or promote products that they themselves have never used/digested, nor plan on ever using/digesting.

It’s ridiculous, because we know it’s all a lie yet here I am again giving myself to it. Not only am I typing about it, but I’ve been doing so for the last 1.5 hours because I’m watching t.v. (among other things) while doing so. Pitiful. So I’m done. I could talk about how they get us to tears or fussing back with the screen and stuff, but…

Imagine a world without all of that. What will become of this industry/beast when the world ends? Inquiring minds would like to know. See there I go again, using a phrase learned from t.v. Whatever. Listen, check out these posts:

When done, go read a book. Matter of fact, read the bible. We all need a bath. Much luv.

Evening Prayer

Life as a Believer

Six word Story







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