Kangaroo Care


kanga care.png

So, I noticed the One Word Challenge and saw that the word is “Kangaroo.” I immediately think, huh.jpgThen I consider the fact that it’s a challenge. Now I’m thinking of what I can do. While googling things, I came upon the term Kangaroo Care. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’m thinking it’s some National Geographic piece, but It’s Not!

We’re all familiar with how a mother kangaroo carries her baby. Well, it appears that this was the inspiration. Here is the official meaning: the adult and the baby are skin-to-skin and chest-to-chest, securing the position of the baby with a stretchy wrap, and it is practiced to provide developmental care to premature babies for 6 months and full-term newborns for 3 months. Basically,

I think this is so cool. Before technology (incubators), science, and such like there was a mom who’s heart of love beat for her baby; life was given a boost. Can you imagine the power of love? That baby doesn’t have to. It’s experiencing it. For more information, please click the link below (highlighted in orange).

Hold your child today and remember this powerful Care Awareness Day next May.




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