My Dearest Nietos,

Tu abuela te quiere mucho. Today is Saturday, June 21, 2014.  Your abuelita has seen many things change in her lifetime, from prices to fashion, and more.  One of the things that is dear to me is one’s ability to hold an intelligent conversation.  So, of the many things I have decided to start doing for you, is to assist in the expansion of your vocabulary.  Reason being, as mentioned, things have changed a lot and that includes vocabulary. Mi madre, your great-grandma, often stretched the vocabulary of myself and my siblings.   I don’t know how old you’ll be when your parents read this with you, but I hope you enjoy the word I have for you today.

What I did, was grab the first book I saw, which in this case was la biblia, and turned to page 29 to find the first word that jumped out to me.  It just so happened that this word starts with the first letter of the alphabet, the letter A.  The word I saw was:

AROSE [uhrohz].

So let’s magnify this word, dissect this word and take this word to town.  Ok mis amores?!  Magnifico!

Let’s start with its part of speech–a verb, which means it’s an action word.  This is a word that depicts motion. Not only so, but this word is written in the past tense; meaning it shows an action that was taken.  Arose is past tense for arise, which means to get up from sitting, kneeling, lying, etc.  An example of this word in a sentence: Abuelita arose from the bed slowly, when her back was hurting.

Here are a couple of images before we move forward:

got up boy got up girl

Another way of using this word is to say ‘got up’ instead of arose.

Now this is not to be confused with – a [space] rose, speaking of the flower, which is a noun. Arose is one word with two syllables. I won’t go into what else it should not be confused with, lest you get confused.

You know that abuelita also wants to maintain the Spanish culture in our family from mi padre, your great-grandfather, while you are learning the language and culture of mom and/or dad. So let’s see the word in Spanish –

AROSE= [closest translation] se levanto (got up), surgió or levantarse.  So if we use my example sentence from earlier, but in Spanish, it would read:

Abuelita se levantó de la cama lentamente, cuando la espalda le dolía.

Now, this is an awesome word.  It shows a dichotomy between seemingly being motionless to taking action, from what was to what is going to be.  Leaving and entering. Finishing and starting.  In life, you will constantly be transitioning. To exit one door is to enter another. To finish one task is to free yourself to start another.  This should encourage you to know that you are never limited.  Say it with me:

Sin Límites, Sin Fronteras [No Limits, No Boundaries]

no limits

Knowing that you will live a disciplined and God fearing/reverent life, I speak over you that you will live a limitless life.  If astronauts can walk on the moon, not even the sky will be the limit.  Only God shall mark the limit or boundary for your lives.  Live life on purpose.  Command your nights and take charge of your days.

Since perfect love casts out all fear, there being no fear in love, you shall love without boundaries. More specifically, I pray that as you move in great wisdom, that you will have the grace of God that enables you to live free of unforgiveness; loving without measure.

This word doesn’t have to apply to a physical rising alone, but even a state of mind. Having a mind that has lifted/elevated from a place of negativity, dormancy, and waste.  Be sober. Be vigilant.

When speaking of Arose, we speak of a coming forth. S/He emerged…, appeared.  Stand-up to be seen. Speak up to be heard.  But also know how to sit down and shut-it to be appreciated.

emerge butterfly

There are five letters in the word Arose.  I want each of you to take five days this month, as days you set to move from a thing/person while moving to something.  This can be mental shifts or things (like moving from junk food to nutritious snacks).  In addition to that, five days before your next birthday, evaluate the areas that need work and proclaim that you Arose from it/over it.  For instance:

Greed. I arose over greed and being stingy and selfish and gluttonous (even if abuelita makes a mean cheesecake), and am thankful, considerate and maintain a healthy diet.

Pride. I arose over pride, for it is the prelude to destruction, walking in humility and love.

Depression.  I arose from the posture of being downtrodden and walk with great expectation and a healthy self-esteem.

I love you much and am so ecstatic about your futures, while being grateful to enjoy your now’s.

Love Always,


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