Identity Pt. 2

Identity Pt. 2

Thanks for coming back. We’ll continue with Identity, but first a word from our sponsors:

As readers may remember,

The battle raged on with little hope in sight. Such anger. Such pain.  How did all this happen? The chaos. The hostility. It wasn’t always this way.  I mean, really. Tell me.

Who let You in?  Where did You come from? Why is You even here?

All this couldn’t possibly be the fault of I. Could it?

Crazy how things happen, huh? Not all were smacked from the onset of life.  All did not cry or suffer great turbulence; nor stood at death’s door.  But this one thing is sure, for each that has been and will be born…

The sun will shine, but rain will come. Some nights will be colder than others. Winds will blow.  The grass withereth, yet flowers grow.  Trees will shed, but there’s a cleansing with the snow.  If all of this were not enough in itself, one must endure more.  Change.

Is that what it is? Why there’s much frustration? Years of change and adaptation, seeing no end leaves one feeling insufficient.  Almost trying to amount to an ever-moving goal, aiming at a target that will not hold.   Be still! Be still I say! [I’s voice is heard]


I, is that…?


You have come back.

I had to. I needed to. For truly there is no I without…

You.  You still want me. You still would reach despite my gross animosity.

I do. I can.  Because I’ve been there before and have come to say – Struggle, no more. For I have seen the past and I, have seen the future and certainly I know that we can get through this.

You know, it seemed like nothing was ever good enough.  Always trying to be something you’re not.  But what does that mean anyway? Who knows you best to say?

I know who knows. I know who knows all about…

You, know who knows all about me.  Who’s able to help with these voices in my head.  What about the pain in my heart and the anxiety of the future? Can there ever be hope? Can there ever be closure?  Will there be contentment or the feeling of success?  Will there be a relief? Will one ever find rest?  Are there arms of compassion that know my name, and still embrace me… just the same?  Cause life has been rough and truth be told, myself helped rough it up.  Can’t really blame all on everything and everyone else, cause things were judged from mistakes and ignorance and foolish thoughts.

You know it seems that these talks do help.  Things are coming into perspective and leveling out.  You’re a stubborn old fart but you’re right from the heart.  Where did your strength come from?  your ability to fight? your resilience to press and not give up on life?

It came from you.

Huh? It came from me? But where did…

.. I get it from? I-You-We got it from Glory.

You see the problem came when we tried to identify with things here that are temporary–people, times, society; even self without knowing our origin.  With inanimate objects comes instructions, manuals.  We know there’s a manufacturer.  Somehow we forgot, that we did not get here of our own self.  We gave power to energy and gases and wonder why things are a mess.  Though things can be great in one instance, they’re a wreck in another.  Though all don’t believe in God, He still believes in them.  Yes, He believes in us and our press in part is as a result of Him.

There’s an I because of Him. There’s a you because of Him. When one comes to themselves they find not evolution but the revelation of Him.  Though mentally evolving, there’s a spiritual awakening within.  That in Him I-you live, move and have being.  So the struggle is over because of our taking up residence in Him who has no shadow of turning. Away with the fight or even coming down on myself. Away with being lost cause really that couldn’t be, since in His sights I-You-We always have and will be. But for the sake of some, now I’m found. Yes, found and it’s Great. Always had a place to belong. Always had a place called home. Now alive. Now free. Now daring to be me.

The me that’s Id’d in Him.

My response to Day 13 – Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something. For your twist, view day four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series. 


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