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Did you know the word ‘sightseeing’ is technically not considered to be a verb?

Yep. I looked it up. Sightsee is a verb and can be used with or without an object.  Sightseeing is used as a noun or adjective.  Mm-hmm.  It’s a place. Sightsee is the action taken by the one captivated in a place or thing.  If an adjective is a modifier, sightseeing modifies my busyness. Stop. Stand still. Take a breath. Go on. Inhale.  Hold it.  Now, slowly, exhale.

One of the things I tend to do, is refer back to a word’s technical intent–being different sometimes from its original intent.  Words have been used and misused for a long time, some even have been forgotten.  Though this word is not forgotten, still in the average man’s vocabulary, its part of speech may have been unknown. I say that to say this…

1) “Familiarity breeds contempt.”  What has gone unnoticed/unknown about various states that people live in, while they are traveling elsewhere in the world? Somehow the average American knows little about the awesomeness of their city, let alone their country.  Even worse is how we can find fault and be disinterested in that which we do know.

2) “Grass is greener on the other side.” Is our failure to see the beauty of our own, as a result of us not being grateful? …us being greedy?  Or us not taking care of our own “yard”?  Maybe the beaches are more beautiful in another country because the people there tend to it with care. Or they do it because tourism is what’s keeping the country afloat. 🙂

Indeed our world is beautiful.  Left untouched by man, it could possible radiate the more. Yet that’s impossible. It’s man’s God given abilities that has enabled us to build the skyscrapers and more.  Our curiosity has lent itself to the formulating of ideas; hence, science centers and more.  Man’s appreciating of life and art has given us museums and more.

By no means am I saying that I would not love to see:

  • the pyramids in Egypt or
  • take my son to the continent of Asia, that he loves,
  • or spend a substantial amount of time in Spain (perfecting proper Spanish, as my father tells me), after first visiting my father’s country – Panama.

All this is in the works, but…for now…

  • and my own backyard, Esther Mountain

I had no idea that there are 261 National Historic Landmarks in New York state, which is more than 10 percent of all the NHLs nationwide, and the most of any state.  Way cool.

For years now, people have been saying that Columbus did not discover America.  Unlike the change in our children being told that we have eight planets, not nine, teachers still reiterate Columbus’ discovery to young minds regularly.  Whether it’s technically true or not, his ambition and curiosity set him on a course that has impacted worlds.

Whether you find what is not or encounter what is, be inspired to get out there and live…

And discover America (this word, discover, is a verb)

Discover – to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown)

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