Day Twelve – I’m Not Alone

Day Twelve – I’m Not Alone

Have you ever questioned the world around you?  If the Matrix movie did nothing else, it caused people like me to wonder.  Am I trapped? Am I free?

Maybe you can’t relate to that, so let me ask you–

Have you ever forgot you were not the only one in the room, until…

It was a Wednesday evening, and I’m sitting on the couch.  I have my computer on my lap and I’m blogging.  Then there’s this increasingly loud sound that turns to chaos.  Some nasal tones are then heard, quickly followed by a scruffy one.  Just as soon as they were heard, were they gone again; like I had been zapped away or bubbled.  Then the bubble POPS and the sounds are back, but I can’t be alarmed ’cause then I’ll panic.  I must stay calm to figure things out, so I can move wisely in this thing here.  But I was unable to do so, being swept away from that thought by the sound of two girls uttering something like,

Why are guys so stupid?

Without even thinking, my reflexes caused me to chuckle.  And that’s when it all began.  I came to the realization, that this is my “real-world” this is my matrix.  Having not been out and about too much lately, caused me to wonder how day twelve’s post was ever to be written.  Of course I could have found something further back in my thoughts, but I feel cocooned, boxed in to this world.  It’s the world of cartoons and my son controlling the t.v.  It’s the voices of the Johnny Test characters snapping me out of my concentration.  It would be those same voices that would get me into trouble, reminding of this thing…

I am not alone.

For you see, when I chuckled, my husband was with me on the couch.  Now at this point you can gather what he wanted to talk about.  But that wasn’t so bad because he could be ignored, but not the little boy (li’l man, he not so little anymore) who was told ‘stupid’ is a bad word.  From the time he was young, about five or six, words like ‘shut-up’ and ‘stupid’ were not considered nice words.  They didn’t okay it in pre-school, so I upheld that for my house.  Now he’s about nine and those words are everywhere, including my mouth.  So now when he hears them from kids or adults, he quickly responds, “Oooh, you said a bad word.”

Now I’m trapped between husband and son.  What I didn’t tell you was how the little man comes to his father’s rescue.  So me not answering dad especially on something as trivial as this, was not gonna fly. No way, no how.  Should I have said something? What was I to say? I wanted back in the bubble.  What I did have working to my advantage, was the fact that little man is still a child, who’s attention span is short when before a big screen t.v.  So by acting like nothing happened, and more chaos occurring on the tube, little man was back to ignoring me for the bright lights before him.

As for how I handled big man, well…I assured him he’s not stupid, after little man went to bed.

But between you and me, in regards to the girls questioning about guys being stupid…

Let’s just say this,

I Am Not Alone



johnny test             johnnytest

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4 thoughts on “Day Twelve – I’m Not Alone

  1. That was too cute of a story! It reminds me of that phraseology that says something like, “When the kids are quiet, you know they’re up to something” (at least that applies to my grandbabies). LOL!

    Thank you for sharing my post, by the way (I’m “She Said What?”) 😀 I will definitely return the favor/exposure very soon! You have a new follower!

    ~ Angela


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