Day Eight, Yes I’m Late

Day Eight, Yes I'm Late

It’s the eighth day and yes, I’m late.
I was caught in my feelings and life’s wavering moves.
Maybe that explains what I see
or maybe it reflects what’s going on with me.
It’s about the third or fourth day of it raining on and off
No, actually more like a sprinkling, cause it’s been quite soft.
But Not Today. Not Now.

You see, I’m gazing out of my window to see the beauty of the land,

Yet the clouds above have another plan.

The winds are blowing and they are fierce.

Does it realize this is New York where palm trees are scarce.

Of course referring to those the rich import for the South Beach look, and not for the winds and storms with a mean right hook.

Wow, the skies are darkened. The change is gradual.

Light blue to grey. The change is actual.

The trees shutter; leaves shake with fright 

People are running, to escape lightning’s sight

How dismissal things are?  How bleak and drear?

Yet the sounds of the cars makes me smile from ear to ear.

Hmm. Do you remember the old splish and splash game? 

Well think of the swooshing sound as folks slide down the path.

That’s the sound I hear from the cars that are rushing to get home.

Umm. Well…, now my smile’s turned upside down.

They’re not being safe; Haste makes waste.

We want that not; I hope they stop;

Be more careful, cause the storm is more dreadful

It’s black as can be, that’s all I can see.

But just when we thought that this was night’s end

The sky’s been infused with a light that is dim.  

Is that the sun I see breaking through the clouds?

It is, it is. In time it’s light is loud 

In everyone’s life a little rain must fall.  We have not much choice, since it’s heaven’s call.  But after the rain, the sun will shine. Of this I’m sure;

All will be fine.

This is my response to the assignment given.  I hope I abided by the rules/twist.

Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.

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Love always, Sarah


4 thoughts on “Day Eight, Yes I’m Late

    • Hi there, As far as I know, being a recent learner, is to first make sure that your acct/page is set to allow pingbacks. I just checked my Dashboard to see where I found it at.
      1–Knowing no other way, when in Dashboard go to “all posts” and click “quick edit” on one of your post.
      Look to the right, under “tag” box and see if “allow pingbacks” box is checked.
      There is another way but I can’t remember.
      2–on your post, put link to another persons post. I believe that if they have pingbacks on, which you must have now that I’m thinking about it, wordpress has a built in system that causes them to be alerted and to either approve it or not.
      Hope this helps. I’ve inquired myself without a response, but from people like you I take it that I must be doing it somewhat correctly.
      btw, The shout out was my pleasure.


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