Twisted Rant

Twisted Rant

Let’s start with the twist of Today’s Writing Challenge of writing free for 15 mins, which is a challenge that is near and dear to me.  I say that because I often spend more time going over what was written or thinking about how to phrase a thing before I do it.  This usually results in

  • wasted time
  • getting distracted
  • not writing enough or nothing at all.

I do enjoy writing and reading and learning and more.  This is one of the reasons, of many, that I started blogging.  I was glad to see the challenges and grateful to join the group of people in my Writing 101 class to move or propel myself forward in this endeavor.  I did not join because I did not have anything to say, nor having a lack of worth of things to say — because you know that can be two different things.  Some people always have something to say, but it’s garbage or whatever.  On the other hand there are people who speak and the gold nuggets are phenomenal.  Now I must say, that I have learned that it is important to know how to disregard before one discards, possibly, something of importance.  Meaning, it’s easy to consider someone boring – teacher, preacher, parent, etc – and discard what they have to say.  The problem that some people have is that they don’t take into consideration that it’s possible that even a boring person can have something of value, though they don’t always sound like they do.  We were not talking about those (boringish, yeah my own word), people when talking about people who always have something to say but saying nothing.  People who always talk but never have worth within words, are usually easy to identify.  They’re usually loud and in your face and very giggly and so forth.  Those are ones that we can move past, along with those who are always negative and bring you down with them. Yuck! Not having it.  I have enough things to overcome in my life than to have to try to overcome yours too and you’re not even trying.  Messy!

Which kind of brings me to linking my 15 minute free-form writing to/or coupled with the bigger assignment – Songs.  The assignment dealt with sharing three songs.  Now for the sake of trying and I mean trying, to stay true to the twist of the ‘just go with it’ type of writing, I am not looking back to remind myself, at this time, of what exactly the format of the assignment was.  Meaning, I’m not sure if we’re talking of impactful songs, songs that remind you of a thing, or what.  I know that it is about sharing three songs and after my 15 minutes are done than I will go back and check it out again.

This assignment though has always been a thing, or in other words, trying to narrow down only three songs, when my world is so full of music, is bananas.  I listen to much music, particularly in the genre of Christian/Gospel music.  Now that makes my mind jump to other things that are lurking around in the recesses of my mind.  The mere fact that I have to speak of both Christian and Gospel as though they could not stand on it’s on is crazy.  Okay so let me explain.  Usually when one just uses the term Gospel it will be connected to African-Americans and those whose music sounds relate-able to one who’s Black.  Then you have Christian music which is usually associated with artist who are caucasian or whose music is close in sound to it.  Then within those genres are sub genres: Southern Gospel, R&P/&B, Classic, Rock, Contemporary, Hip Hop, etc.  Can we also talk about the fact that there is a Stellar Awards and a  Dove Awards?  Yes, we will mention it.  We’re all singing the same thing right?!  We should be.  This is now a different day, for the most part, as it relates to the understanding of God not being black or white or being only for a particular race, in the Church world.  There are Caucasian pastors serving as shepherds for people of various races and ethnicities and vice versa.  We’re not talking about churches or cults or crazy organizations back in the bushes somewhere.  Then even within all of this there are artist or genres that are not as celebrated.  As for genre- Caribbean/Reggae, not as recognized in Gospel, certainly not in Christian world.  Now a popular artist can do music with a caribbean flair but an artist like Papa San who is Jamaican will have to fight to get through the acceptance pool, at least on the American side of tings.  As for artist, you would think that those whose music gets to the heart and is not focused on the entertainment of it all would get more applause and be more welcomed.  Well it seems like there is the merry go round of recognition that is also in this area of the industry.  One artist that should be getting more recognition is Shekinah Glory Ministries.  Their music is great for the church goer, just as those that get regularly celebrated.  BTW, I am not affiliated with any of the ministries I am seemingly giving mild accolades to.

Okay, think 15 mins are up.


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