Sounds Golden

I grew up in a Christian household but was never made to listen to one type of music.  As a matter of fact, my saying that, may have one to think that both my parents are Christians.  A prayer that is unfolding [pretty please]:)  No, my mother had actually just started going back to church, moreso out of a good girl thing than a passion, when she married my father.  My father was a jazz musician who indulged in many things that the bible does not condone.  Nonetheless I consider myself to have grown up in a Christian house.

As already mentioned, and possibly understood, we listened to a myriad of sounds. I actually grew up loving the sound, style and history of jazz because of my father. My mother enjoyed whoever was current along with sounds that she grew up with: The Platters, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, and more.  My mother enrolled us in programs that taught us the songs of Broadway – Oklahoma (one of my favs); West Side Story and more.  After taking us to church, it was certain that gospel music would play a critical role in my life.  We learned bible verses through music, we sang on choirs in school and in church.  Eventually I fell in love with Love Himself and music that reminded of this love.

You may not know, but I’m stalling a bit because I can’t lock in only three songs. UGGGHH!

Okay, I know one I want to share for sure.  So one birthday, amongst my gifts was a cassette tape by this group comprised of singers who also were around my age.  This fascinated me, but not more than one particular song – – Peanut Butter and Jelly by the Truthettes

There were actually young people like me who were so in Love.  Not only so but I loved the story telling aspect of this song almost as much as I did the lyrics.  This song was so playful in approach (certainly appropriate for their age and reaching youth like myself) yet no joke. In part, I felt like the song was about me…being so past the obvious, now desiring the deeper things of life.

Now, I’m a young adult and somehow have come to learn of Australian Christian music.  I’m hooked. One of the things that I was hooked to was, not the music alone, but the story behind the leading artist.  If memory serves me correct, she was serving in her church -cleaning to be exact- when she was overheard singing while she worked.  The rest of the story is before you and in her book should you choose to look for it.  When your sound is golden, as a reflection of your heart, you don’t have to try to make a name for yourself.  Your gift will make room for you.

Though there are many songs, one of the many significant songs is – – God So Loved by Hillsong feat. Darlene Zschech 

I loved this song because it was bible. I loved this song because it was so lovely.  I loved this song because it connected to the dancer within.  So at this stage of my life I am teaching, what we call, Praise Dance to young ladies in my church. I had one young lady who enjoyed dancing but was also battling other fears.  Watching her face her fear, along with the other young lady doing this dance that I -Me, Myself- had choreographed brought such a joy to my heart.  I cried watching them execute the movements, some being a bit controversial perhaps, with such finesse.

As for the third song, it’s hard to say. It looks like I should stay with the pattern and pick something more now. There’s too many to choose from.  So guess what.  I’m not going to use a Christian song at all.  The message is still positive.  If I’m not mistaken, the song was written as a love song between a man and a woman, but I always sing it to myself and interpret it as an inward love affair between me myself and I; from there I think of it as a message to encouraging someone else with.  This is significant to me because I struggled with me for a long time.  I’m still developing and the thought that I’m not finished yet is always uplifting; brings tears to my eyes.  Now are there Christian/Gospel songs that provide the same message and reaction out of me? Yes.  But I’m choosing this song at this moment…just because.  So get your smooth groove shoes on but moreso than that, your tissue and enjoy.

The first clipping is from the movie the song was featured in and the second clipping is from the group the movie beautifully portrayed the lives of, with an added vocal bonus. Haven’t Finished Yet 

Movie Soundtrack

The movie was a candid portrayal of the lives of The Dells. Dells and Patti LaBelle – We Haven’t Finished Yet

You know what? It’s June. Father’s Day-Month.  I think I’m going to do something for my dad with the incorporation of Jazz.  Look out for it folks.  It will be Dad-tastic!

Here are some other musical notes


Love Sweet Love

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The Senility of Light




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