Free Flow Exercise

free thought

Do we rush and fuss and curse about stuff?

It’s fun, it’s nice but do we think twice?

We can do what we want. We can walk we cannot; move and groove to the move of the day of it all. It’s okay. But it’s not. That’s for sure. Did you fall to the floor? Run around, touch the ground, get back up and know you’re tough!

I’m the best. I’m on top. I’m the stuff. Bet you’re not. What u saying? Don’t you know? Don’t you think that’s enough to get you to the show?

Time is now. Day is here. Stage is set. Now draw near. Pull up a chair, have a seat. Make some music. Don’t you sleep.

Clap your hands. Stomp your feet. Feel the rhythm of this beat. Cause I’m here. Here for true. This thing was done, all for you; for your hearing, for your sight, for this 20 minute flight. Have no stop watch; don’t know time. Don’t know who’s a friend of mine.

Doesn’t matter; I’m just sayin’, not much thinkin’ now or later. Letting things flow, letting you know, letting it hang, letting it bang. Making real noise, making much noise at the end of day, hope it’s your noise.

Joyful noise friend, cause it’s right then, you identify, you’re electrified. Kind of happy; Kind of anxious; kind of thinking; kind of anxious.

What you anxious for? Now you’ve got the floor. Figure out and have no doubt. Having some fun …

...Uh-oh stopped too long to think, breaking up the flow of just writing. Can’t think; don’t ya know.

Then I’ll start to judge and really criticize, all that I’ve done and doing right now.

Guess I’ll soon go, guess I’ll be done, guess I’ll soon stop, guess I’m all out. Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind



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