A Good Nap

A Good Nap

Have you ever considered the simple everyday things that go unnoticed, unthanked [I know], and so forth?  Well, while on the computer I decided to look for the weekly writing challenge/prompt – Write a List.  At first the thought was unappealing, but then I considered it. While thinking of what I would do, I was fighting sleep…well :).

So after I woke up [you understand] from my 30 min nap, I felt peckish and decided to get a slice of bread and put some butter/margarine on it. Yep, just like that. No toasting, no warming, no adding anything to it, just that by itself.  It was quite enjoyable.  “You know people really underestimate the beauty and deliciousness of bread and butter,” I said to myself.  Now please understand, that is saying a lot for a snack food whore. I do enjoy fine meals and have my occasional glass[-es] of water, but sweet snacking is my thing. After eating a meal and being full (usual for me to be full and not having cleaned my plate–always taking rest to go], I still have room for dessert.  Family thinks it’s crazy, but that’s just me.

BTW folks all of this was on my mind as I walked from the kitchen to my living room.  I realized that I had started developing a list.  A list of what people underestimate, like that slice of bread with butter I had.  People also underestimate why people are fat.  Now I’m not fat in accordance to what you may equate the size of that word to be in your mind but I am no longer a size 8. The Biggest Loser has become a great hit and I love the show.  My family thinks I’m crazy because I’m usually watching it with something fattening. Just because they can’t have it doesn’t mean I should be denied.  It’s not that I don’t support them, in fact I love it and think about one coach in particular training me as long as no spit flies out his/her mouth while coaching me.  The thing is, everybody is not fat because they eat 5 meals in one sitting or in 2 hours; when I say meals I mean the whole sha-bang. This gives me two thoughts in one.

It is also underestimated the things that bigger ppl can do    ——–    It is also underestimated what a meal is

       yep  —–       small meals 5times

-big ppl are flexible and can run (faster than…          ———-          fruit and cheese and crackers can be a meal;  some skinny people)

People also underestimate people.  Oh yeah.  We count folks out, whether for good or temporarily.  We so have to elevate our thinking and rend our heart for the owning of what it really means to have a heart.  Don’t be too distraught about people counting you out, they did so of J*s*s too.  They didn’t expect Him to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Just sayin’.  Speaking of counting folks out…

People underestimate the power of Love and forgiveness and the ability to forget.  Though each of these are powerful enough to stand on their own for the extraction of in-depth and poignant information, I chose to group them for now. You were expecting a more intoxicating clause just then, weren’t you.

Though there are so many more things I could mention, I will wrap it up with these:

While we’re kinda on a comedic thing, let’s kick this up a notch.  Let’s couple this one with people’s underestimation of the power of influence.  This child must’ve been accompanying mom or dad to class.

Let’s combine this with the fact that people underestimate the abilities and utter cuteness of children while operating in their giftings and talents and adorableness.

No matter if you saw those videos once or multiple times, it brings a smile to your face and, more likely than not, a whole lot more.  Speaking of that, people underestimate the power of a smile.  It’s been known to bring healing.  This brings me to people underestimating a coma patient’s ability to hear you and receive strength from your love and faith and positivity.  That’s why everybody can’t be a nurse.  It’s “expected” of family and friends to be uplifting when around loved ones in the hospital.  Nurses are around them as much if not more in some cases; washing them and speaking to them.  Some nurses underestimate the power of their job.

Oh, I have to go back and pull out the washing thought.  Some folks underestimate the power of a shower

flybutt   just saying

I know that was bad, right.  I know.  Well I’m wrapping up now because I don’t want overkill; making this too long and then this hard work becoming boring.  But it’s crazy how all of this has come after a nap.  Well before I go don’t underestimate contagious giggles.

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