I Won’t Cry. I Won’t Cry. Won’t Shed A Tear

I Won’t Cry. I Won’t Cry. Won’t Shed A Tear

OMG!!!  So I’ve been informed that a Pulitzer winner reporter wants to interview me because I have been nominated for the category of General Non-Fiction. YEAH!, Like…YEAH!

Now I have to prepare for my interview and I’m so nervous. Not only do I need to look good but…, OMG,…

I’m Being Interviewed!

I have a tendency to babble and even talk too blunt.  Does it matter to them where I come from or should I keep them focused on where I’m going?  It’s pretty obvious where I am but will they ask that dreaded question.  As a matter of fact, it’s quite possible that there could be a number of questions that cause me to gulp and hold my head back, rapidly blinking my eyes to attempt to not cry.

So what I need to do is prepare myself for those Tricky Questions and keep a glass of water near.  The worst thing to be is caught off guard, at such a memorable moment as this.  In celebrating my achievement the first crazy question I hope she won’t ask is –

“What took you so long to get here?”

Ple-ease don’t get me started. WATER! Need WATER! (Heard water helps keep one from crying; relaxes nerves and removes lump in throat.)  I’ve been writing for a long time but not believing that I could be successful at it.  One day I stopped believing the negative and started flowing in inspiration. Okay, so wooo.

After talking a bit she may go into my marriage.  Now I’m fine with everything, but my husband may not be. So for his sake I hope she don’t ask

“Did your husband interrupt some of those late night writing sessions?”

Whew-hoo-hoo! My husband will Not know what to do with himself, because I’m just gonna tell it like it is.  Why should I be bashful or scared to express my enjoying his big derriere–and more.  Interrupt me he did and most times I didn’t mind. It soothed and relaxed me and really helped me clear my mind.  Sometimes I was up late because of writer’s block, but he led me to the light…while yet in the dark. LOL

I may have to think of a more refined way to answer that.  Anyway, I still have to consider another tricky question and here come the waterworks again.  I can picture it now

“What makes this win, this achievement so special for you?”

Now the question may not seem tricky to you, because you’ve probably never had to press through.  Maybe you were the captain of the football team or the valedictorian from elementary through high school.  Possibly you have the dream job, car, spouse and house; or maybe you own your business cause daddy left it to you in his will. It’s not that I’m not smart and haven’t graduated with honors, nor have a great family and thriving business too.  This question is tricky because it makes me emotional.  It takes me to a place, again, within myself…having to push when I wanted to give up.  I had to press toward the mark…uh-huh.  I had to know that I can. I had to see myself doing this and more. I had to stand.  Cause at the end of the day, it’s not about me but the legacy I leave.  My children and children’s children and so forth must know, that there is a “Somewhere over the rainbow…,” and it is, “way up high.”  It’s a land that you heard of, it’s the land of your mind. If your ground is cultivated and the trash is removed – if you plant the seed of God’s Word and from this stance not be moved – you won’t have to wish upon a star and just sit around and hope, cause dreams do come true and that ain’t no joke.

OMG!!! Are you crying?

Wanna know what other tricky questions there are:

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