I don’t know…

I don’t know…

No really, I don’t.  I mean people come up with these ideas like – If you were a mutant or a hybrid, what would you be?  Helloooooooooo, like what part of being a woman is not understood here.  There is no, “if you were…what would you be” for us.  When was a real choice given in the matter?  “What do you mean?” you say. “What is the problem?” they say.  Ok, here it is:

One day I’m this cutesy little petunia [just realized how interesting a choice this word/flower is that belongs to the Solanaceae family which consists of  many genera and species, with a great diversity of habitats, morphology and ecology. Did I say MORPHology? Yes I did. The petunia itself has many hybrid versions of itself.]

Anyway, so I start out as this cute bit of scrumptuosity….

…UH-HUH, yeah, check her out; wanna pinch those cheeks, or eat her up, don’t ya. Well, if you thought my start was delicious, you should have seen what happened later with hormones and stuff that you have no control over–the ultimate cause of mutation.

 mm-hmm. Outtacontrol, isn’t it. So as you can see, when I became a teen/young adult, I was told I was a Sagittarius; commonly represented as a centaur (drawing a bow).  I guess the testosterone-driven creatures tried to encourage me when they said I was hot, but…LOOK…I’ve got a tail, and  a BIG one at that!  Well the problem here is that I can’t -uhhh no, I am not known to be gifted to run; horses are fast and me…, not so much.  So I’m beautiful and, well, not being a fast runner is fine since people need to be able to take their time taking in allll-a dissss. But, all of that is part of Greek Mythology and that is not me.  I am not a myth, I am the Real Deal; and love a gyro but…guess what…not Greek either.

So one day I allow one man to do more than just take me in from afar but TAKE me and I-I-I him and now I’m a wife.

A Wife?!  LOL. Silly me for thinking so e-le-men-tree.  Before I knew it I was mutating again.  You see over the years I’ve learned that hybrids and mutants are not necessarily freaks, weirdos, or Different because they have all chosen to be; on the contrary.  Many have been exposed to certain things and/or taken unwillingly.  Um, why did I say all of this, I mean it really serves no purpose here since I just said I allowed a man to TAKE me and I-I-I him sooo…whatever.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that many of us are not different by pure choice but by circumstantial choice.  I just wanted to be a wife but then I realized quickly that I was the Yeah, Ball and Chain, but not just any ball and chain, the Old ball and chain . You see how rusted and unappealing this looks, right.  Now really – how can this be fair? Okay, whatever, I don’t know. Crazy but I must move pass this, and I do.

We have children and they’re lovely, but…

…yeah, you guessed it, another mutation. I feel like an old cow now.  I mean, you can’t blame they but they cry until they can pull on me.  Daddy don’t wanna be left out so he cry too so he can pull on me.

I don’t know, but from the time I was born I have been changing: chest sticking out-growing a rapid rate, lower region getting hairy, and…I don’t know. It’s a mess… and people wonder why we spend so much time and money on ourselves–forget about it.  Now with my child’s love of Superheroes, specifically: The Hulk and Spider-man, he wants me to either be

    or     or them combined with other things like rockets flying from my robotic arms and what-not.  Not exactly sure how it would all come together but with my sons fav color and mine put together, adding spidey things and how he feels when I act like momzilla, I’m guessing I’m kinda like this sometimes

; which may not be so bad since this thing still has a hot shape and can fly and all.

No, can’t be this, cause horror’s not my thing…anymore.  So maybe having robotic parts and True angel wings and this…

 can suffice.  Outside of that…, right now…, I don’t know…

…Or do I?

Hey, listen folks –

Whether you have horns coming out of your head or two heads coming outta your horns, be encouraged to know how special you are.  We wanted to have some fun with this Daily Post Challenge but want to make sure we do what we do too – Inspire.  So in addition to what’s been said, be inspired to use your imagination today, let it go wild.  Life is fun and should be enjoyed.


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