Created Place

Created Place

kinda thinking – what is one’s understanding of creating a place for God? some might feel that saying He lives in their heart is place enough; others figure, their routine devotion in the morning. Are we actually Creating a place, or is it moreso like tracing out in the natural what already is, in spirit? It’s almost like the phrase used when we say of ourselves or others – we/they found God. No, He’s not lost but this is our earthly way of depicting an eye opening, I’m alive and awake moment; an encounter.

Creating a place… It’s almost as if we’re saying the place never existed until we awoke or let Him in. But just because He was not there according to our willingness does it mean He was not there. You see, I guess it’s hard to believe that a place is only created once the recipient of blessings –received only as a result of their day of awakening, makes such an invitation. There had to be a place, before there was a place created, that Rahab dwelt or visited often enough to make her a candidate for salvation and even more so, a family member in the bloodline of the Messiah. Where is the place, before there is a place that one Moabitess may go, connecting her to one who’s losing their faith, but that will direct her to being granted covenant favor and divine placement in the royal family of God?

I mean…there MUST be a place before we or they created a place. Where did we get the tools to build this place? How did we come to know that which is needed to be known for the constructing of such a timeless place that would house such a One who’s known no greater place than the skies above skies above time above space; beyond NASA beyond reach of all men and women that ever be. Where the shadows are not welcomed and the clouds never cry; yet a place that births rainbows and light always shines.

kinda thinking about this place; this place that must be; that must exist for every man; it must exist for me. Cause tho He is where we want to be, I kinda think we are where He wants to be. Is where He is the greatest place that He has ever known? Or could it be within our hearts the place, that He calls home?

Yep, just kinda thinking.


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