Things momma said

Things momma said

I was thinking the other day about something my mother said, “People usually write the way they talk.”
Now though there are many ways one can go with this thing here, I’ll just stick to the safest route for now; the road less traveled.

If that is true, then I must certainly be numbered amongst the few that do not write the way I speak nor speak the way I write. I actually think I express myself better when writing then I do when talking. When writing, I have the ability to erase. With writing I have the ability to say what I want without thought to anyone’s opinion–that is if I do not let it be seen/known. When writing, if I lost my way-forgot what I was saying, then I can always track my thought back and then continue to move in the intended direction. Writing doesn’t cause one to be nervous because there’s no one but the writer and the instrument(s) used. The biggest thing for me is that, with writing, I can take my time and construct my sentences and gather my thoughts and make sure that what’s presented (if in fact it is to be) is what I intend[-ed] to present. Now I’m not talking about texting or quick e-mails. I am referring to a letter, a paper (for school, etc), and such like. This here is an example of what I’m talking about too.

With writing, I can express myself and consider each word and look back and see if I’ve been repetitive or just sound lost. I think I sound much more intelligent when I write then when I talk. Could it be that I feel rushed or pressed to say something? Is it that my brain operates slower and this provides a way for my computer to download information at it’s own pace. Who knows? But as for writing how I talk, …not me.

Maybe if I wrote more, it would create an atmosphere within that will cause my brain to think – be tricked into thinking – that I am in download and construct mode even when I’m engaged in conversation. Hey, It’s worth a try.


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