Money Sense

Okay, so I was chatting with a young lady a few days ago.  She informed me that she’s about to get a job.  I was very excited for her because I know she hasn’t worked in some time.  So after congratulating her, I asked her what her game plan was for saving money once she starts making money.  To my surprise, she responded, “Huh?” Now, she’s in her 20’s and lives at home.  Should that excuse her from having a game plan?  Should it excuse her from saving money?  This showed me that she really had no Money Sense. Well, there are a few thoughts here:

  1. Has she ever been taught about money?
  2. Does she have or has she ever had a bank account?
  3. Are her loved ones (parents, aunts/uncles, etc) knowledgeable about money?

There are so many more questions but,… Wow!  So I proceeded to share with her how important it is to save so there’s no sweating in-between paychecks.  She then inquired as to how one should go about making/having a game plan.  Well like anything in life, there must first be a mind Set to do.  Sometimes as people, we wonder why things don’t happen as we’d like.  Many times it’s due to a lack of conviction on our part. Once the mental shift is made with the understanding of its importance, we then need to discern between needs and wants.  I also informed her that part of knowing your needs is to help direct your money to where it should be and where it can work for you.  I’ll explain all of this a little more here –

I told her of a book that I read that was absolutely fabulous, especially for women, and of one of the most memorable portions of this book, to me.  It’s called Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki.  Encouraging this young lady to do the following is of great use to all; so let’s see my favorite-advised portion:

For the women who take charge; such a Must read

For every dollar that came into our house, we took 30% off the top before paying any bills, 10% went into a savings account for emergencies, 10% went into an investment account, and 10% went into charity or tithing.

Now all Christians are familiar with tithing – we take 10% off from our gross automatically because it belongs to God and add on our offering later (some set pre-determined amounts for offering).  So I told her she could either give tithes per check or, if check is standard, calculate what a months tithe would be and give it one time. As for investments, well she and you all need to read the book or hit me up below and I can forward you the info of a gentlemen who assists me with mine.  Lastly, who has never had an emergency spring up – and emergencies are not always negative? The whole idea is to always live prepared.

From here I told her to consider what money she will need to spend.  Getting to work is important, so calculating the cost of commuting and assigning that portion of money is needful (whether it’s done by week or monthly).  Also, if eating/snacking is something that will be done at it’s appropriate time, then thought should go into that; we spend too much money buying out.  The fix is to bring lunch from home. She is privileged to be home.  So for all those who have someone cooking for them, go ahead and pack a tupperware bowl or make a sandwich with a piece of fruit or some cookies from the pantry.  As for the drink, save there too and increase good health by drinking from the water cooler two days/wk.  If you like tea and hot chocolate like I do and the break-room or whatever your job has named it, has herbal teas and so forth available for free, enjoy a cup on the house for lunch and snack.  The other three days you can purchase your juice or soda or whichever floats your boat.

It is important that we start being more mindful of our money.  What’s even more important is that we develop young millionaires by sharing money sense.  We send our children to school to get an education, but at what time – in what grade- do they develop such things as: common sense, emotional intelligence, and financial sense.  As my husband and some friends of mine like to say – Common sense isn’t common. Well comparable to that is the fact that money sense is cheap yet costly.  What do I mean? 

It costs nothing sometimes to learn about money; it can be as simple as conversing with the right people. Yet it is very costly for those who do not have it.  Living paycheck to paycheck, not answering the phone (or certain calls), dreading to go to the mailbox and/or letting it pile up because looking at/through it is aggravating, not able to enjoy a fun night out more than once-a-month, and so forth is not successful-healthy-wealthy living.

I am convinced that God wants more for me.  As a matter of fact, God is so desiring to see wealth in the land that He didn’t limit it to whether you believe in Him or not. He is the God of abundance; the I AM God; the El-Shaddai = more than enough, many breasted One.  It is He that gives the power/strength to get/produce wealth.Deuteronomy 8:18 (click on the scripture to read it in style of choice). By us just simply operating in accordance to the principles that have been placed in the earth – sowing and reaping is one – we have the opportunity to experience a portion of the goodness that is available to all.

I trust that this has been a help to you.  Please guys, be inspired to have a greater knowledge of money and in so doing one will also develop more respect for it.  Be inspired to teach anyone around you of any age, that will listen.  I was taught as a child to not scoff at a penny because it’s only $0.01.  We know the phrase, “Every cent counts” – and it does.  My son has a book entitled, “If You Made A Million” (see pic below), which shows him how one penny grows to a million dollar$. It’s fabulous! 

Well you have been with me long enough so I will let you go, but thank you much for taking this time. Since I have sparked such curiosity, here are some other great products for you and the kids (along with the book my son has), and remember…

Because so many marriages are affected by money, this too is needful.





…Live Inspired.


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