Highly Underrated

So the other day I allowed my feelings about a situation, of no great importance of course, to cause me to snap at my husband.  With my blood still stirred, I proceeded to use another opportunity to lash out about another situation, of no great importance.


Within a day or two I noticed that my ‘time of the month’ was present.  In that moment I justified my previous behavior with, “Well I was PMS’ng so…whatever.”  Did I mention that I still had not apologized?  Yeah.  So anyway, I was convicted in my heart about the lashing and my justifying it with a ‘womanhood’ excuse.  Why? You ask (probably only the women that are saying he most likely deserved it for something else he did do but didn’t get caught doing as yet), lol.  No…may be the case though, but no.  I was convicted within.  You see it’s like this.

Years ago when I was looking to get pregnant with my first child, I read an awesome book – “Supernatural Childbirth” – that expressed a different mindset towards expectancy. Image One of the many things I took to heart and applied, was of being a better me.  During my waiting to be pregnant, and even after it was confirmed that I was, I prayed that I would be a loving wife and not allow my emotions to be outtacontrol.  Oh Yeah! I mean c’mon, we know that there are some women who cry all the time, or are miserable, or overbearing, and more.  I did not want to be one of those women using the excuse of – it’s my hormones, you know.  So because I believed that this will be, I can testify that besides having a wonderful pregnancy and labor/delivery, my attitude was in-check.  I wasn’t snappy or crying all the time or none of that stuff.  Did I mention that I looked better after my pregnancy, weight wise, than before? Oh Yeah!

You see, I understood, in this time of reflection, that the same prayer that kept my emotions in check then, is the same prayer of faith I should be operating in on a regular for my everyday and times of the month.  Some time ago, somebody came up with the phrase Pray Until Something Happens = PUSH. ImageWell, after that something happens, then what?  Do we cease to pray or push?  Push is a verb, a word descriptive of an action.  Pushing denotes a forward moving action. Theoretically, something is being empowered to our future; that which was misplaced is now strategically positioned for our betterment.  Are you still asking me what I’m talking about?

Prayer is still underrated folks. Image Prayer is not a momentary accommodation but should be recognized for its ability to be catapulted forward.  We use it for convenience – a quick get out of jail free card – a genie in a bottle experience; orrrr for a time to complain about everything that’s going wrong and mayyyybe as a time of confessional, but not to be strengthened to no longer do the wrong again – we really just want to get it off our chest because G*d’s supposed to forgive [so that I can do it all again] – NOT!!!

If I can believe God to keep my emotions in check during one season of my life, is He not God enough to do it…rather, empower me to empower myself to be checked in and out of every season(s)?  Pushing/Praying is a power move/play. There are people who pray who don’t go to church.  There are a multitude of religions that believe in prayer and attest to the power of it.  Yet are we maximizing on the dynamic of it?  I can’t attest to the god(s) of others, but I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I seek God The Father in the name of Jesus The Christ.  He has proven Himself faithful.  With eyes He sees, with ears He hears, with a mouth He speaks, with arms and hands He reaches out and touches with Love and with a heart He feels and does what He does because of His great compassion that fails not; it’s new every morning.

I have not as yet, maximized on oh so great a force, a mighty power, such insane energy that can propel me from excuses to responsibility.  Yes, prayer should reveal the role I play in my own life and that of the life of others as strengthened by Christ Jesus to do, because every action is both the result of and the cause of another action.  My not snapping but keeping myself in check, as empowered by prayer to do, will result in having a ‘lighter’ atmosphere, a happier husband (maybe kinda 🙂 ) and a more mature me.

ImageBe Inspired to pray the prayer of faith and when tempted to move or act or think in a way contrary to your prayer, get a grip and hold fast to the hand of Him who holds us in Love.  Why? He doesn’t underestimate us, neither should we of HIM.



Tips and Toes Kit for her and him

Tips and Toes Kit for her and him


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