What Inspires Me

Is that a question?      Is it the beginning of a statement?      Does it matter.

Better yet, how does one inspire when they don’t feel so inspired?  How does one move forward when they seemingly don’t have the faith to see past what looks like a brick wall?brick wall

For some, this is not so easy; whereas for others it’s a no-brainer.  Interestingly enough, is that for some, that which inspired yesterday is not what inspires today.        That’s cool though, because it shows the freshness of life.  

Okay, so the first time I heard a man answer the question of whether he loved his wife as much today as he did 10/20/? years ago with a negative – meaning he said no – I and others gasped.  But the look on his inspire sand heartface and in his eyes began to speak loud and clear, as he continued to breath out the words: I love her more now than I’ve ever loved her before.

There are people who have been doing things so long, that they’ve forgotten……..Why?  I mean like all the logistics are there but the connection is blurred.  You see, things change with time; and what I take away from the statement, ‘I love her more now than I’ve ever loved her before,’ is that somebody has allowed time/change to inspire them. Now is it wrong to say that you love someone as much today as yester -day/-year? No.  As long as the fire has not gone dim/out.

So you may be reading this and thinking to yourself, ‘Dag, I can’t think of anything that inspires me.’  Yet, you notice children playing and are enjoying their laughter. Or you’re watching a movie where a man, who used to be a gigolo, is inlove (left out the hyphen on purpose, love has enough glue to link w/o aids) with a young lady who causes him to see real love and yet she turns out to be dying; But Wait, so does he, though he never tells her because it’s no longer about him, in his eyes, but her.  Something like this makes you believe in love again, at least for those few moments anyway. 🙂

So did I come here to ask a question or answer a question or simply make a statement? Yes.

The Question: I am inspired by knowing that I have a today, was given a yesterday, and can plan a future.

The Statement: What inspires me is my child’s ability to move past anger and pain even though the memory is still there.

Q: I don’t know what inspires me sometimes, but I think I can say that who inspires me are sometimes people I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with face-to-face as yet.

S: What inspires me is the ability to laugh at and with myself.  Hey, try it.

One of the definitions of INSPIRES, is – To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence

So whether its a work of art —– or a person —– or the thought of love —– or simply the word ‘Inspire’,

inspire art         inspire by you         inspire heart          inspire word

there are many things that can and will if we let it.  For those that say God inspires them, then we should be living our most successful life every moment of our days. Funny how the picture of that brick wall above has inspired some, just because they love a challenge and are inspired with the thought of overcoming.  So how can one be inspiring when they don’t feel it or be inspired to move forward when they don’t seemingly see a way past the mirage of a brick wall created by our own psyche of guilt, doubt, fear, pride, etc?

Well, I may not be able to answer for you and maybe not even for me sometimes either, but if not for God – Inspiration Himself – and His breath of life, there would be no reason to be inspired at all.


I’m open to being inspired by you.


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