I’m Blogging

OMG!!! I am blogging you all.  So, in case you were wondering, …YES, this is my big…


Some newbies may do this first to give people a better idea of who they are, but not me.  I kind of want you to get to know me through my writing.  Now am I saying that what I have done was a sampling of my best work? No.  Am I saying that you will ever see my best work? No again.  Seems crazy right.

That, which I do now or later, may be better than my then; but my best is unbound to a time, since time is ever moving and changing and maintaining the course in which it has been charged to keep.  What am I saying?  I am ever growing and changing and experiencing and evolving; I get better and better (at least that’s the aim). So don’t judge me based on my writing alone but journey with me.

Me?  Please call me Lady A or Angel.  I am the lead writer for this Inspiring site – that will be graced with the writings and talents of other special individuals.  Together we will bring info and articles and funnies and more; and you will like ’em.  Yeah, for real!  We also want to encourage you to give feedback, leave comments but remember to be respectful of us and other posters.  Though we may see the specifics differently, the large picture is the same.  What is that? We are using this platform to reveal, reintroduce and spark Life.

So, briefly, I – We should have done this like, such a decade or more ago.  Not saying that I, myself, am such a computer nerd but rather that I have so much to say.  My mention of a ‘computer nerd’ is not to be rude but is rather an expression of how I felt I needed to be in getting started.  Nevertheless, I am a learner and a writer and a teacher and a…, well I am a blogger!  I enjoy and welcome great conversation that should always leave me better (informed, happy, provoked toward greater, …lighter, etc), and I am always writing (get it from moms).

As I mentioned, getting started was just as ‘involved’ as I (personally) thought it would be – technically speaking.  So in my personal journey here (and I’m still a bit in Timbuktu), I read that a blogger should have a rhythm.  Not only so, but in creating this site for you all and us too, I was asked how often I would be blogging – goal # of posts; a way of knowing if I needed deadline reminders.  Well, I didn’t give it a set timing and I do not as yet have a set rhythm.  You should know now from the aforementioned comment I made on timing that things are always changing.  I may start off once/wk then go to once/mth or the other way around or somewhere in between.  I don’t know!   All I know is that I am having fun and I look forward to doing this because I have been back-logged for so long and with the old and new happenings, I don’t want to ever feel like I’m punching in like it’s a job.  Whew! That was such a run-on sentence but whatever:).  I love music but a song/melody that is not predictable is cool sometimes, you know.

Some time ago I heard it said that – if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.  Well yes and no.  What million/billion/trillion/…aire doesn’t still work at maximizing their assets and limiting their liabilities so that their money and what-nots is working so hard for them, they don’t have to? This is why marriages and good relationships fail; being self-motivated and moving forward in life, then nothing; athletes, artist, Hollywood personalities and more being on top today and on the bottom tomorrow.  Anything that is worth having is worth working at and for; anything not worked will not work.  I will work this because I want to and joy to (not a typo), but I will not be positioned to dread my seeing the computer.  Another great blogger (Lisa Irby  @ 2createawebsite.com) says that blogging shouldn’t be about chasing a buck but Passion.  Therefore, I welcome you to a piece of my passion.

And I will leave it there.  This may be my longest post, to-moment (again, not a typo), but thank you, thank you, thank you for being here.  Let’s Do This Folks! Together.

Hello, I’m Angel,

Messenger and Blogger


One thought on “I’m Blogging

  1. I agree. Blogging is about passion. Of expressing our thoughts, our hopes, our life’s best & worst, to inspire and be inspired. And yes, a priceless blog has nothing to do with about monetary gain. When something becomes commercialized, it somehow looses that genuine human connection.


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