Smile – It’s Attractive


PRICELESS – so precious that its value cannot be determined.  INVALUABLE – having incalculable monetary worth; extremely useful

Greetings and Cheers!

You know, with all that has been said about the power of a smile, we can always say more.  Reason being, there’s not enough talk to how smiles attract wealth.  Oh yeah! We have such an ability to move forward in life by maximizing on the small things that cost us nothing yet can gain us everything.  A person that enjoys smiling is a person who knows the worth of their now and tomorrow.  Oh yes!

Just imagine, if you will, that a person who travels in the subway with you – about 5 days/wk – is greeted by your friendliness rather than your showing how miserable you are (because you’re not a morning person).  This person turns out to be the very one who will either say yes or no to the:

  • loan you’re applying for
  • house you’re looking to purchase
  • scholarship you’re seeking
  • and much more,…

…and is delighted to do business with you.  Oh, and for the skeptics and the pessimists, miracles still happen – dreams still come true and – favor is not fair.  BTW, I’m speaking from what I know.  Whether it was a copy machine, or getting as many computers as we could load in a single trip, or a property owner convincing the landlord (his son) to not charge two months rent on a commercial property, I’m a witness that a smile (delightful spirit) begets wealth.  This and more has happened for people like myself and fam and friends.

Oh yeah! Ok, so I have to share something I heard from a man, who is no longer with us.  This gentlemen, who had meager beginnings, pushed himself to the place of having a net worth of more than $300 million and a mansion in Pennsylvania that will cause some A-Lister’s mouths to drop.  He shared with those of us in the company (one of the companies he had shares in), how he scouts out individuals to share his knowledge of wealth with and more.  Of all that he shared with us, over three years later, I am still replaying his primary criterion of a person that looks like they’re worth his time.  Now some may think that sounds a bit smug, but hold on.  The understanding, in brief, is this:

  1. Are they worth being approached?
  • looks clean/crisp – if you take care of you, you will take care of his money
  • walks like they are somebody – when you know who you are, money and things won’t define you
  • looks pleasant – a person generating happiness is inspiring to be around

There are people who are missing opportunities simply because they aren’t presenting themselves as pleasant, ….or approachable.  I encourage you to smile.  Everything may not be how you want it, but it’s possible that they can somewhat be, …because you smiled a genuine, no $ amount can match, extremely useful – Smile.

Be inspired to smile.

~Lady A


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